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Torri Higginson in new movie "Stonehenge Apocalypse"

Torri will be taking part in a new movie called "Stonehenge Apocalypse". She will be playing a woman called Kaycee. Here´s a short summary of the film:

When a group of archaeologists dig up a human skeleton near the historical monument of STONEHENGE, an ancient piece of machinery hidden beneath the bedrock is discovered. Not knowing what it could be the workers accidentally trigger the mechanism and start a chain of events that may very well end the world as we know it.

The movie is still in pre-production, but will be finished 2009.

Posted on 23 Oct 2009 by Mandy

New Torri Higginson Fanpage

OMG I finally managed to make a TH fansite.
Can you actually believe that ?! I know that there are plenty amazing websites about her, but I wanted to make one too. I´m already working on the Gallery, the Iconcenter and other stuff, so all these things are coming soon.
Posted on 30 Aug 2009 by Mandy
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